Isolation Man Movie

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The Vanishteer made you disappear & he must live with it.

Directors Daniel Crosier & Dane Bernhardt unite to create laughs about a sad catastrophe in the film “Isolation Man”.

This no budget feature film “Isolation Man”, a mockumentary directed by visual artist Daniel Crosier & Dane Bernhardt, is based on Crosier's comic book character the Exquisite Vanishteer. Crosier also stars as the Vanishteer, and features an array of eclectic Denver talents. The Vanishteer character, has the power to make things disappear and not reappear, which leads the short-minded character to a devastating situation.

Isolation Man is a film about super-powered human called ‘the Exquisite Vanishteer’, has caused a catastrophe by making the population of the western hemisphere disappear. The remaining eastern journalistic community interviews and follows up on the superhuman to discover his humanity… before United Nation forces move in to neutralize him.

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