Misassembly Production


Directed by

Daniel Crosier
Dane Bernhardt


Daniel Crosier
Norman Dillon
Peter Dougherty
Dane Bernhardt
Cuyler Mortimore

Assoc. Producer

Jim Norris

Executive Producers

Little Fyodor
Matt Jaramillo


Daniel Crosier
Cuyler Mortimore
Dane Bernhardt


Peter Dougherty


Norman Dillon

Graphics by

Peter Dougherty

Additional Motion Graphics

Dane Bernhardt

Director of Photography

Dane Bernhardt

Camera Operators

Stephen Santa Cruz
Norman Dillon
Jose Medina
Cuyler Mortimer


Daniel Crosier - The Vanishteer
Brian Natale - Aloysius C. Cunningham
Little Fyodor - Wilhelm Dorf
Allan Elijah Cutler - Poonya Al Shabaz
Nicolas Hadacek - Nicolas DuPont
Joey Armstrong - Chelsea Taylor
Will Vest - El Fox
Dick Black - Motubo Bondupu
Lawrence Contreras - Tito Angara
Seth Iniguez - Ivan Popov / Hellway
Michael Amodeo - Italian Interviewer
Jose Medina - Jose
Jeremy Atkins - HateFace
Troy Bernal - Red and/or Black Death
John Chaos - Himself
Max Mago - Himself

Voice Talent

Brian Natale - Russian General / All Courtroom Animated Voices
Dane Bernhardt - British General
Paul Bruning - Indian General
Daniel Crosier - The Vanishteer

Music By

Faceman & John Mazzucco performing as The Limbs

Original Songs by

Dane Bernhardt & Faceman with lyrics by Daniel Crosier

Audio Mix

Ryan Policky

Color Correction

Ryan Policky


Melissa Lycan

Website & Design

Zach Meyer

Special Thanks

Riverpoint Building
Mona’s Resteraunt
Wazee Union
Neil Adam
Susan Dillon
Wendy Manning
City of Denver
3 Kings Tavern
The Rockaway
Coffee! Lot’s of coffee!
The bacteria in the South Platte River for not infecting The Vanisher

Copyright free material provided by iStock and Video Blocks

Copyright 2016

In memory of Phil the Fan

Based on the comic book “The Exquisite Vanishteer” by Daniel Crosier, with Zach Meyer, and Alex J. Meyer